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Elevate Your Creations With Premium Narrow Fabrics

Webbing & Binding Tapes

Elevate products with our premium webbing collection. Crafted for strength, style, and versatility.


Discover garment excellence with finely crafted cords. Unleashing versatility in design and durability.


Elevate projects with Max Supreme’s diverse tape collection – Crafted for quality and intricate designs.


Max Supreme’s elastic collection – Quality, versatility, and style for superior performance in design.

Furniture Elastics & Mattress Tapes

Enhance furniture aesthetics with Max Supreme’s tailored elastics and bindings, style and durability in every detail.

Pet Leash Tapes & Ropes

Maximize pet comfort with Max Supreme’s Leashes & Accessories, Crafted for durability, style, and quality care.

Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn

Unleash versatility with our Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn, innovation and strength in every strand.

Gross Grain Ribbons

Refine your creations with Gross Grain Ribbons. Impeccable quality for exquisite designs. Craft with precision.

Footwear Tapes And Elastics

Our precision-crafted narrow fabrics are designed to complement your footwear creations seamlessly.

Our Best Selling Items What Our Customer Likes Our Best Selling Items What Our Customer Likes
Our Best Selling Items What Our Customer Likes Our Best Selling Items What Our Customer Likes

Elevating Excellence In Narrow Fabrics

Choose Max Supreme for your narrow fabrics needs and experience unparalleled quality and innovation. Our extensive range, meticulous craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart. With a diverse product portfolio and a history of delivering excellence, we stand as the preferred choice in narrow fabrics manufacturing. Elevate your creations with Max Supreme—where quality meets versatility.

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